The latest big wall adventure took my buddy, Geoff, and I on a three day crawl up 1,000 feet of sandstone in Zion National Park, Utah. I believe we set a new record for the slowest ascent of this amazing route called “Spaceshot”. So what if efficient teams can run up this line in one day! We pulled 6 gallons of water, a double portaledge to sleep on, and enough metal to supply a medieval army so we could take our time, enjoy the views, and bake in the desert sun.

The weather proved stable, and the route offered some of the most amazing exposures I have experienced in my 18 years of climbing. Perhaps the most intimidating part of the whole climb was that it required absolute commitment.  Once we ascended about one third of the route, retreat was no longer an option.  The overhanging nature of the rock meant we would be dangling in mid-air if we were to attempt a descent.  The only way to get off this thing was to continue over the top.  With the difficult section being well above the point of no return, combined with the heart-stopping exposure – let’s just say both Geoff and I had moments of doubt.  Off course, this is what makes us go back and do this sorta thing again and again.



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