While building a successful career as a licensed physical therapist, Alex always looked for a chance to unleash his creative side. He may have taken a longer and more scenic road to develop as a photographer, but photography has evolved into a true life passion.

An avid climber and a dedicated mountaineer, Alex often journeys to the far corners of the world capturing images rarely available to mere tourists.

As the vice president of Second Star Entertainment, Alex has produced a six-time Emmy award winning TV series IN TRUE FASHION.

Alex is represented by the Emmanuel Fremin Gallery in NYC.

A Personal Note:

Sometimes a casual decision may change the entire course of one’s life.

One day back in the 90′s, while preparing for a long bicycle ride,  I was contemplating whether to bring along a small snapshot camera or a bulky Canon SLR with a hefty zoom lens weighing easily five pounds.  Against what seemed a better judgment at the time, I decided to lug the heavy Canon.  I owe my photography career to that simple choice! The camera became my true companion on that journey and in life.

Oh yeah, and the ride?  Well, that lasted six months, while I rode my bicycle solo across the entire country from my home in NYC, up and over the Rockies to Seattle, and then down the whole Pacific coast to LA.  Yep, that’s a lot of blazing hot miles on the road and lonely teeth-chattering nights in the tent, with only a thin nylon wall separating myself from all the nocturnal wildlife out there.

Given the nature of the trip, there were a few adventures along the way, like getting wiped out by a truck in Indiana, or being chased by an elk in Oregon, or even being challenged to a fight by a dozen drunken Indians in some Western saloon in Montana.  That’s where my machete convinced them otherwise – no kidding!

However, the best adventures took place when I would pick up my camera and start photographing the amazing scenery around me.  I would completely lose myself in the moment, and the camera would make the time stand still.  Having a good camera on a trip like that not only made me a serious photographer, but taught me how to look at life differently – how to “stop and smell the roses”.

These days I continue to explore the world with my camera in hand.  I am fortunate to live in New York City, where the fashion, music, and entertainment industry can keep a photographer very busy. However, adventure photography remains at the heart of my passion.

Over the years, I have dragged my camera gear from Canada to Argentina, and from Africa to Australia.  In the process, I also developed a serious obsession for climbing mountains, and have summited the highest peaks on four out of seven continents.  Perhaps one day, I will be somewhere high up in the Himalayas staring at an oxygen tank and a camera, knowing that I can only carry one of them to the summit.  What do you think I will choose?

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